Tyre Pressure Gauge

Now this is a most useful additional to any motorist's arsenal; a digital tyre pressure gauge. Essential for day-to-day driving or precision track-day set up.

The neat, compact (6cm x 4cm not inc. key clip) and lightweight gauge is not much bigger than a typical keyring, yet contains a super-accurate pressure gauge that measures in both PSI and BAR to a +/- 1% level of accuracy - akin to a much larger unit. A smart blue LED display, unlike black or red, is easy to read in any weather, day or night.

Its ingenious design also incorporates an inbuilt flashlight and key clip, making the gauge the perfect travel companion in all manner of situations. Or, if you're in the habit of checking your tyres in the dark, it's inbuilt flashlight makes it the gauge for you! It has a tactile rubberised finish for durability and comes complete with a velvet storage bag for those that prefer to keep them tucked away in the glove box.

Research undertaken by a leading tyre company reveals that just a 6 psi drop in tyre pressure leads to an approximate 10% increase in fuel consumption, whilst rapidly accelerating tyre wear by up to 30%! So, priced at this reasonable sum, this little fella will pay for itself in no time at all. Of course, the big benefits aren't just financial. Optimum tyre pressures, mean increased safety and more predictable handling. Reduced consumption also brings reduced emissions, so in short, buying one of these could be your first move in single-handedly saving the planet and appeasing tree-huggers everywhere. All good.

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