'Richbrook' Car Bin

The Richbrook Car Bin is an in-car essential for any motorist!

The perfect solution for busy parents, drivers, families and anyone who spends their days behind the wheel. Simply pop it open, drop in the rubbish and then snap it closed! No more apple-cores accumulating in the Aston. No more pop-cans precipitating in the Porsche. And no more crisp-packets cluttering up your Chrysler.

The bin includes a roll of 30 biodegradable liners for convenience on the move. Each liner holds a whopping 6 litres of rubbish.

The stylish looking bin is made from high-quality nylon and uses a simple clasp and Velcro pad to allow it to fit in a variety of places, for example, on the back of a seat, in the footwell, or on the door card.  

Powerful magnets keep the top securely fastened to allow even high-speed merchants to keep their interior ship shape, no matter what’s inside.

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