'Ford In-Car Rechargeable Torch'

Need a bit of light?

Our latest automotive innovation is one of those true 'why did nobody think of this before' moments:

A super bright rechargeable torch that fits inside any standard 12 volt power socket (that's a cigarette lighter to you and me).

Beautifully made in HE15 aluminium, with CNC machined details, each design uses a durable, yet highly powerful LED lamp to provide a lifetime of clear illumination with a simple twist of the torch body. It's the perfect accessory for caravans, motorhomes, vans, boats or any vehicle that runs a 12 volt supply.

Each charge gives 2 hours of illumination and even if the torch is fully discharged, simply clip back into the lighter socket to quickly recharge from flat in just 6 hours. The inbuilt charge indicator lets you know all is well. If left fully charged, the torch can last for several months before needing to be topped up, thanks to its inbuilt Ni-MH battery pack.

Best of all, the water-resistant body means that if you're out trying to fix a puncture at night, in a downpour (which let's face it, is when it's going to happen), this powerful little blighter will keep on shining.

This is an official Ford licensed product.

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