'Ford Anti-Theft Number Plate Bolts'

Protect yourself from the pain and inconvenience of number plate theft - and show your love for the Blue Oval at the same time!

These days, criminals are stealing the number plates from the cars of innocent motorists to use for nefarious purposes. Either changing the identity of a stolen car, or to allow them to rack up various motoring offences, whilst you get the tickets. Don't become a victim!

Our solution to this increasingly common crime uses special 'spinning sleeves', which mean that thiefs can't use normal tools to remove your plates.

Each pack comes with 2 black, 2 Yellow and 2 Silver bolts. 1 unique locking key and 1 hex wrench.

This could be the best money you ever spend on your car. Don't let it happen to you!

This is a Ford official licensed product.

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